The Pros and Cons of CBD Oil For Dogs

There are many pros and cons to CBD oil for dogs, including the potential for side effects. You should discuss the benefits of CBD with your veterinarian, and bring any products that you use with your pet to the clinic. Some veterinarians aren’t allowed to talk about cannabis products with their patients, but you can help them understand your concerns. Before you start CBD treatment for your dog, do some research. Look at forums and chat rooms to see what others have to say about CBD oil for dogs. It will also help you spearhead discussions with your veterinarian.

One of the pros of CBD oil for dogs is that it can help dogs with various ailments. About 5% of dogs experience seizures, and normal anti-epileptic drugs can cause damage to the liver and other organs. In one study, 26 dogs were given 2.5mg of CBD twice a day for 12 weeks. After this time, 89% of the dogs had fewer seizures. Another con of CBD for pets is that it can interfere with other medications and make them less effective. However, some veterinarians recommend that you consult your vet before giving your dog CBD oil.

CBD oil for dogs may not be a good choice for dogs with liver problems or other conditions. Although CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, it can interact with other medicines and may cause side effects. Because the drug is metabolized in the liver, it is important to know the exact dosage of CBD oil to give your dog. A low dose once or twice a day is generally sufficient. To ensure safety, make sure you are following the manufacturer’s directions carefully.

There are other risks associated with CBD oil for dogs. For example, a large percentage of dogs suffer from seizures. In these cases, normal anti-epileptic drugs can harm your dog’s liver and other organs. A small dose of CBD twice a day for 12 weeks is recommended. Eighty percent of the dogs experienced fewer seizures in this study. And, most of us know that cancer affects more than 50% of adults. It is also important to know that chemotherapy and radiation may be necessary.

Final Thought

Besides lowering anxiety levels, CBD oil for dogs can even fight cancer cells. In fact, around six million dogs get cancer every year. So, these benefits are quite important for the canine community. Aside from the purely psychological benefits, these oils are also safe and effective for our dogs. If you are considering CBD oil for dogs, you should talk to your vet first. You can ask the veterinarian to prescribe a product for your dog.

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